Lucas Green
Developer (503) 383-9861
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229 E Monroe St.
Carlton, OR 97111

I am passionate about writing good software. Not just easy to use or pretty to look at; I also want the software I write to be looked at by my peers and liked for simplicity or elegance in it's source code form.

I don't like needlessly convoluted code or error prone habits when it comes to software. They are costly and usually avoidable. I'm looking for an environment where I can not only improve my code and my processes but where I have real input on the larger processes at play in my work.

I'm meticulous and deductive, I usually catch many edge cases well before they are a problem.

Web Technologies:
  • Utilizes standards based web development
  • Working knowledge of: Linux, Apache, nginx, XHTML, HTML, XML CSS, NodeJS, NW.js, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, PHP, SQL, Regular Expressions, and Java, and many other technologies
  • Familiar with the use of CSS preprocessors
  • Utilizes semantic markup
  • Familiar with HTTP protocol and uncommon headers
  • Previously Used: JavaScript, Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, Go, Bash, Windows Scripting Host, and Cobol, among others.
  • I have used many libraries and frameworks including: jQuery, Joomla, YUI, Underscore.js, Doctrine, and many others.
External Services:
  • Rackspace Cloud Servers
  • Rackspace Cloud Sites
  • Amazon AWS (EC2 specifically)
Build Engineering:
  • Automated unit testing
  • Automated deployment testing
  • Automated deployment
  • Static Analysis
February 2015 - Present
Gearbox Studios
McMinnville, OR (Mostly Remote)
  • Redesigned development workflow to reduce security exposure by duplicating legacy systems inside of a virtual machine.
  • Updated legacy software to use modern security standards
  • Implemented new payment methods into client's sites including PayPal and Stripe
  • Integrated with various external services
  • General maintenance of legacy systems
  • Tasks related to prior experience at company
Lead Developer
February 2014 - August 2014
Portland, OR (Mostly Remote)
  • Develop and maintain a PHP/JavaScript based user interface to an ATM like touch-terminal
  • Employ the correct use of encryption standards to secure the terminal owner's information
A third party marketing video demonstrating end user interaction
Front-end Engineer/Engineer/Lead Engineer
August 2010 - February 2014
Gearbox Studios
McMinnville, OR
  • Engineering front-end (and sometimes back-end) components including:
    • User Interface
    • CSS
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • SQL (mySQL mostly)
  • Refining/Engineering New UI elements for administration areas of 200+ sites
  • Pushing code changes to sites without any interruption in service
  • Providing a consistent user interface for our e-commerce cart across sites, many with completely hostile HTML and CSS
  • Administering Linux/Apache/MySql as needed
  • Implementing black box testing with Selenium RC
  • Maintaining visual integrity of 200+ sites
  • Cutting Designs out of Photoshop into CSS/HTML
  • Providing a consistent and more standards compliant(where possible) HTML/CSS template
  • Deploying new client sites as required
  • Deploying new client sites as required
  • Running arbitrary reports against entire client base (manually, there are no UIs for some of these one-off reports)
  • Improving decrepit codebase
  • Communicating with customers to determine requirements
  • Creating custom user interfaces for clients based on their desires
  • Provided training for other employees who did not understand a given technology.
  • Many full-stack one-off projects.
Late 2006 - Mid 2010
Various Locations
(Mostly Remote)
Odd Jobs and occasional tech-related contract work. Tech related work included setting up domains and Putting up basic web sites.
Office Technical Assistant
April 2004 - October 2006
Greer Bros., Inc.
Salem, OR
Duties included developing and maintaining:
  • The company's primary website
  • A form-driven recurring customer database application
  • Detailed time recording software package intimately tailored to company's needs
  • A vacation tracking software package
  • Various solutions to day to day technical problems
Non-technical duties included various data entry tasks and basic maintenance of (about 14) staff computers